Store downtimes significantly harm eCommerce, merchants lose revenue, brands lose credibility, reputation, customer loyalty. And the bigger size of the business is, the higher price of downtimes it pays. For instance, you perform 50 orders per minute, so even a half-hour downtime will cost you revenue from 1500 orders and enormous efforts to get back frustrated customers and repair a damaged reputation. So for the project with 2.7M site visitors per month and 5000 orders per day at the time of migration, we had to find a zero-downtime upgrade solution. And we did.

We are delighted to share with you…

If you’ve never heard about PWA — it stands for Progressive Web Applications. This technology gives you the ability to develop incredibly fast app-like-sites. We are pretty sure that PWA is going to change the face of web design and become an industry standard in the next few years.

A PWA runs the show:

  • Fast initial load with app shell
  • Fast load through the app
  • App-like immersive experience
  • Enabling add-to-home screen and app-like display
  • Offline content (workbox makes things very simple)

PWAs — Technology Fundamentals

  • Progressive — PWAs work for every user on every browser and device. It’s completely agnostic to the technology stack.

It’s time to learn Magento 2 in Eltrino Academy

Ми в Eltrino, накопичили достатньо знань і досвіду (частина нашої команди працювала над розробкою самої платформи), щоб поділитись ними з українською ІТ спільнотою.

В рамках Magento 2 Boot Camp ми будемо вивчати теоретичну базу Magento 2 Frontend і Backend розробки, розбирати цікаві кейси з практики Eltrino. А головне, імплементувати вивчене на практиці під керівництвом наших експертів, які в реальному часі будуть допомагати вам, відповідати на всі запитання, перевіряти домашні завдання.

Перелік тем курсу
Magento Backend
Magento 2 Platform Overview and Architecture (Technology Stack, Code Base, Service Contract Approach, Components)
Magento Installation (Git, Composer)
Magento 2 Essential Concepts and Components
Modules in Magento 2
Database in…

This year Eltrino supported MageConf’18 as a silver sponsor. Annually Magento team gathers the brightest Magento architects and developers together to discover and discuss the latest Magento news, to dive deeper into Magento opportunities and find out the most significant trends in eCommerce. This time there were 4 parallel streams, with 32 presentations and workshops delivered there and more than 600 attendees.

We noticed several inspired talks about Magento 2.3 updates: new features, PHP 7.2 support, graphQL, powering PWA and best practices for a functional test framework.

Another hot topic — How to get Magento 2 certified? Certification is highly…

Eltrino attended the biggest Ukrainian conference and exhibition 2018. 1073 attendees from around the world, 42 booths and 5 different tracks, 19 sections that cover different areas of eCommerce business: from UI / UX, analytics to law and logistics. The case study format helped to show the whole pictures from both sides: business and agency points of view.

The most exciting topics were:

  • How to increase the number of satisfied customers?
  • What content is required to sell a product?
  • How to build a multichannel analytics system?
  • Future trends in digital marketing.
  • What are pitfalls of Google shopping?

Exhibition area…

There are numerous reasons why you might want to learn Magento 2: you’ve gotten a project on Magento 2, your client has asked to migrate his web store to Magento 2, you want to enrich your skill set to be more competitive as a freelance developer, etc. There is only one reason that you really need to learn how to develop on one of the most powerful and fast-growing eCommerce platforms — top-notch Magento 2 Developers are in high demand, so this knowledge is definitely worth the time that you’ll spend studying it.

And successfully passing the Magento Certification Exams…

As was announced earlier, Adobe is acquiring Magento for $1.68B. This acquisition will change the eCommerce world. To stay abreast of the synergistic union of the undisputed leaders in designing and delivering great customer experiences and the world’s #1 commerce platform for brands across B2C and B2B, Eltrino became Adobe’s solution partner. Last week we attended the Solution Partner webinar, “Experience Driven Commerce for Magento”, that made it clear what to expect from this collaboration, what problems the collaboration solves, how the problems are solved, and the power of the combined solution.

So, we decided to share some inside information…

The latest Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.2.5 release includes highly important security updates that allow to close remote code execution, cross-site scripting, and cross-site request forgery issues along with performance enhancements including substantial improvements to search indexing. Don’t overlook your web store security! Update your Magento version up to the latest one.

Magento 2.2.5 also includes:

  1. Resolution of issues that customers were experiencing when upgrading to Magento 2.2.4 in deployments that span multiple websites.
  2. Enhancements to Magento Shipping including support for automated batch order processing that improves operational efficiency
  3. Substantial improvements to indexing performance.
  4. Updates to Vertex, Amazon…

Online store launch: a foolproof checklist

Finally. You entered the homestretch. You have your domain name registered, your products are being produced in “for sale” samples, and you have so many exciting ideas to try in your very own and special online store! Certainly, being enthusiastic about your project is the part of the success. Setting up a store is only a matter of a few hours or days, depending on how big you play. But wait: your store is perfect for your standards, but are you sure about your future customers? You already know exactly how your homepage should…

This year as in the 2017 the Gartner has acknowledged Magento as a leader in Digital Commerce. And Magento shows in 2018 even better result than in 2017. Let’s compare Quadrants

Elena Kulbich

Master of Marketing with passion for Web Design and Web Development. CMO at Eltrino and Pioneers Kyiv Ambassador.

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